Tufting is a technique used to create wool products by pricking wool threads on a stretched canvas. It makes it possible to make carpets or wall art.

This method is inspired by artisanal manufacturing and traditional know-how from India and China.

Tufting comes from the English “tuft” which literally means tuft.

Tufting can be done by hand or using a machine called a tufting gun.  Given the multiple textures, styles and colours available, hand-tufted creations offer endless possibilities.

The products are of very high quality but also allow for any eccentricity whether in the shape, colour, type of wool or its length.

I prefer to use 100% natural wool fibers for its quality and colour resistance, but synthetic wool or cotton may also be used.

I mainly use two techniques of tufting called cut pile or loop and sometimes like to mix the two effects. I work with different tools, both manual and electric, allowing me to use different wool thread lengths. With all of these methods available to me, the realm of creativity become unlimited.