Closing Sale


 The great Gautier Studio adventure ends today!

We’ve tried many solutions before making this final decision, so I can say with pride that we have tried everything. As many of you know first-hand, the retail market is a big ocean where you better swim well and faster than the sharks!
Gautier Studio was born out of a desire to offer quality products to furnish the worlds of toddlers. We worked with our favorite designer team at MPGMB, who I cannot thank enough for trusting me to help transform my initial vision into a unique and beautiful reality.
A special shout out to my little Luther who inspired this collection and made it evolve as he grew.
Thank you to those of you that supported us by choosing Gautier Studio,
Thank you to those of you that have made the brand shine.
If you want to take advantage of bundle or lot purchasing, don't hesitate to contact Ashley who will give you all the information on the options available. In the meantime, you can take advantage of the clearance prices directly on our website.
See you soon for new adventures.
Maryline & the Gautier Studio team



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