After having created the Gautier Studio universe for children, the brand is coming back to life with my new wool creations.

I recently discovered tufting, this ancient technique, as a modern art form.  It allows me to develop a limitless space of colours and design.

Love at first sight!

My inspirations are varied: from geometric pop art to contemporary designs, but also from what influences my daily life.

I juggle with colours and shapes to surprise you.  I prefer rounded or abstract shapes. Thinking outside of the box is my motto.

I also like to work with natural wools that come from all parts of the world.

My dream is to bring joy into your home with carefully designed and consciously made products.

Come with me to my new universe.


 For any questions or information request, please contact me by mail at gstufting@gmail.com 

or feel free to give me a call at +1 514-502-6240